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Update: June.2024
Available ship to worldwide by DHL Express and Japan post
*We'll send estimate Shipping price, after order request.
*Japan post basic airmail to US has restarted since 1 Oct.2023.

-- Sample price--
by DHL express to US
Green tea leaves, Noren door curtain 27 USD
Kitchen knife, 29 USD
a pottery goods or a tea pot: 59 USD, 2 pottery bowls: 97 USD
If your address is a remote place, it may cost an extra 25 USD

by Japan post mail
Green tea leaves, Kitchen knife, 19 USD
small pottery 19 USD, 2 pottery bowls: 25 USD

Shipping price is decided by "volume weight".
The product with the thickness such as the pottery and breakable goods comes to have high postage.
April 1, 2020, delivery infomation International Mail from Japan post

Our measures with the novel coronavirus

For the coronavirus spreading out from Wuhan in China, we have avoided using public transportation and gone to urban areas or places where a lot of people gather since in the middle of January, 2020.

We only sell on an online store with few members, we manage physical conditions, checking our body temperature everyday before work, controlling to prevent the infection in daily life thoroughly.

Moreover Japan post staff, our deliverer, wear surgical mask and gloves, disinfect package with alcohol.
It takes more time for transportation, distribution and customs procedures under the current situation, it may cause delivery delays,we apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause, and appreciate your understanding in this matter.

Considerable delivery delays expected for outbound mail items from Japan post

Attention:In case a purchaser refuse to receive or pay customs duties on purpose, we will charge 30% fee of the product for handling fee as described in “terms and conditions”.

New arrival of glass Japanese tea ceremony matcha chawan bowl gold hakeme
It took glassware of Japanese old culture and design by modern technique, technique. Finish the glass surface in a special technical (the finish processing that it is sleety) uniqu texture. And it let golden one character written by writing brush progressing with the force along the form of the glass glitters shiningly and feel modern attraction.

The item purchased from Aug. 8th to 18th "US time" will be shipped after Aug. 20th with few exceptions in accordance with manufacturers’holidays. We hope this will not cause any inconvenience to you.

Note: Hagi pottery goods
Hagi items purchased from Aug. 4th to 18th "US time" will be shipped after Aug 21th.

Please note that any messages and emails will
not be checked during the closure.

For waiting customers receiving your parcel. 
shipping status: please check your tracking status at 17 track website or Japan post with your tracking number.
New arrival of Left hand Okeya ko deba knife 105 mm, great deal goods.
This is an especially sharp Japanese knife, using core blade white-2 steel from Yasuki, which is reputed to be the top grade of steel for knives.
This knife is made by Okeya Blacksmith who is one of the most famous craft-man.
The knives produced by Japanese traditional techniques of Japanese sword, Koshikitanzo(the ancient Japanese way of smith forging).
To pursue easy-grind and toughness of the blade, he mainly uses valuable wrought iron or old aged Japanese steel for base steel, tries not to use modern iron as much as possible.


Unfortunately I have to announce you sad news as for your information.
Mr. Kenji Hotta passed away in Dec. 2017.

He is one of our important partner. There are many his enthusiasts of Kyusu and tea sets made by his distinctive technique of Nerikomi(kneading) method. Remembering his gentle smile, we pray from the bottom of our heart that his soul may rest in peace. His son, Mr. Takumi Hotta took over the work and will continue to offer the products of Kenji kiln as you have so far.

The item purchased from Dec. 25th 2017, to 7th, 2018 "US time" will be shipped after Jan. 8th with few exceptions in accordance with manufacturers’holidays. We hope this will not cause any inconvenience to you.