Tips of how to care for pottery

what is to be done for the new pottery
First, put the piece into a deep pot, pour in just enogh warm water to cover (or the water
used after washing rice), and leave it a half day.

This procedure fill the tiny gap between particles to prevent it from any dirt or smell.
Please note that while the piece contains moisture, the surface sometimes change color or
some pattern may be shown up.
But it is only temporary caused by soaking with water. It will soon be disappeared.

what is to be done after use
wash and dry well. If you do not take care properly, you may find a mildewy appearance.

tips for storage
It avoid the piece from damage to stack the same materials and shapes.

for use of a microwave, oven and dishwasher
Most potteries are available for a microwave. However some paticular potteries are not
available, such as an item containing silver is not available for a microwave. As for any
non-available items, you can find the note as “microwave-disabled” at an item description
Only oven-proof dish is available, such as gratin dise. You can also find the note as “
oven-safe” at an item description page.
When you use dishwasher, please make sure to keep the piece out of other dishes. It may
damage by strong water flow or a dishwashing detargent.