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About the package's delivery label
The delivery label affixed to the package is placed inside a clear encasing; and the package's contents such as the product name and price are visible to customs officials and delivery persons due to international shipping regulations.
Please consult with us for requests about invoice contents and notation. *We will enclose any necessary documentation such as invoices if necessary in accordance with each country's regulations.

About cancellations, changes in / additions to your order
Please notify us of your requests at the inquiries page (we only accept requests for products that have not yet shipped).

Product returns after receipt
We accept returns of unused products within 14 days of the product's arrival at the delivery address. Please notify us about returns at the inquiries page. Furthermore, we will only refund the product cost for returns due to the customer's circumstances or preferences. Please note that shipping fees and fees incurred during returns will be shouldered by the customer.

– Points to note regarding returns –
Packages shipped internationally may be lost so please return the product via a shipping method that can be tracked. Also, we may be taxed by customs upon receipt of the returned product so please write “Item for return” at the shipping label and invoice.

If the product does not arrive
All packages that we ship have a tracking number so please confirm the delivery status of your package at the link below:

Also, the delivery status may not be updated depending on the receiving country. Please ask your nearest post office about the delivery status using your tracking number.

If the product that you receive is damaged
All of our packages are delivered to you with insurance coverage.

There are some things I ask of you.
1.Would you please send me pictures(detail all and box) which is broken item. 2. Could you take this damaged item to your local post office and fill out a damage report? After filling it out, please give the receipt number as well as send me the scanned paperwork on mail. This way, I can also talk with Japan Post for insurance claim and I can issue refund ASAP or reship item.

If you would like to receive the product quickly
For quick deliveries, please ask us when we can ship the product before you purchase. Please choose “EMS” as your delivery method. Delivery of EMS packages take about 3-10 days. However, packages may be held at customs for more than 10 days depending on the country. In addition, we do not handle deliveries with specific dates and times.