Please check on the International shipping. *can't ship to International shipping by Japan post. Update July

In this current situation due to the coronavirus, I can't ship to International shipping by Japan post.
I have no idea when I can ship the item out.

Note: Update: Date 22 June.2020
Available ship to following countries by EMS Japan post. Delivery time 2 weeks to 2 months. take more longer time than normal.
*I'll send estimate Shipping price, please let me know.

Estonia, Austria, Croatia, Sweden, Spain,
Slovenia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Norway, Hungary, Bulgaria,
Belgium, Poland, Portugal, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg

Available ship to World Wide by DHL Express.
Please let me know if you want to ship by DHL Express, I'll send estimate and invoice.

-- Sample price from Japan to US by DHL--
Green tea leaves, Noren 23 USD
Kitchen knife, 27 USD
a matcha bowl or a tea pot: 59 USD, 2 matcha bowl: 97 USD