SAKAI TAKAYUKI Japanese knife Aonikou blue-2 steel from Yasuki-the highest-grade

SAKAI TAKAYUKI Japanese knife Aonikou blue-2 steel from Yasuki-the highest-grade

This high-grade knife is made by blue-2 steel from Yasuki-the highest-grade of Japanese steel, which maintains a keen edge for a very long time.

-- Item number,Type,Blade length --
Prices vary according to the knives.

13011 Gyuto 180mm Chef's knife
13012 Gyuto 210mm Chef's knife, TL325mm, BW 40mm, 160g
13013 Gyuto 240mm Chef's knife, TL362mm, BW 45mm, Blade thickness 2mm, 199g
13014 Gyuto 270mm Chef's knife, TL400mm, BW 50mm, Blade thickness 1.2 to 2mm, 264g
13015 Gyuto 300mm Chef's knife, TL437mm, BW 56mm, Blade thickness 1.2 to 2mm, 292g

13023 Slicer 240mm
Total length 360mm, Blade width 16 to 36mm, Blade tickness 1.2 to 2.0 mm, 173g
13024 Slicer 270mm

13061 Santoku 180mm, Total length 300mm, Blade width 45mm, Blade thikness 1 to 1.5mm, 160g

13032 Western Deba 210mm
13033 Western Deba 240mm

13002 Petty knife 120mm, Total length 220mm, Blade width 20mm, Blade thickness 1.7mm, 64g
13004 Petty knife 150mm, Total length 260mm, Blade width 22mm, Blade thickness 1.8mm, 85g
13005 Petty knife 180mm, Total length 292mm, Blade width 31mm, Blade thickness 1.8mm, 105g

13041 Boning knife 150mm

-- Material --
*Blade: blue-2 steel from Yasuki-the highest-grade

*Handle: brown plywood

Other Images

  • Sujihiki / Slicer
  • Gyuto
SAKAI TAKAYUKI Japanese knife Aonikou blue-2 steel from Yasuki-the highest-grade

selling price: US$99.00 - US$342.00

Prices vary according to options.

Packing Weight: 200g



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