SAKAI TAKAYUKI Japanese Dimple knife Grand Chef SP BOHLER-UDDEHOLM Sweden steel Gyuto, Slicer, Petty, Boning any type

SAKAI TAKAYUKI Japanese Dimple knife Grand Chef SP BOHLER-UDDEHOLM Sweden steel

This is the highest-grade Western-type knife, using BOHLER-UDDEHOLM special alloy steel in Sweden, featuring crisp sharpness for cutting food.

-- Item number,Type,Blade length -- *approx
Prices vary according to the knives.

10211 Gyuto 180mm Chef's knife
10212 Gyuto 210mm Chef's knife, TL 325mm, BW 43mm, W184g
10213 Gyuto 240mm Chef's knife, TL 360mm, BW 45mm, W217g
10214 Gyuto 270mm Chef's knife
10215 Gyuto 300mm Chef's knife

*none image
10104 Salmon Slicer 240mm
10106 Salmon Slicer 270mm
10107 Salmon Slicer 300mm

10223 Slicer 240mm
10224 Slicer 270mm
10225 Slicer 300mm, TL 385mm, BW 31mm, Blade thickness 0.8 to 2mm, 146g

10241 Boning knife 150mm

10202 Petty knife 120mm
10204 Petty knife 150mm

-- Material --
*Blade: BOHLER-UDDEHOLM Sweden special alloy steel (HRC58)
(Dimple-processed on the front side only)
(corrosion-resistant steel)

*Handle: synthetic resin

-- SAKAI TAKAYUKI recommend movie --

Mr. ItsuoDoi was born in 1948 and at 24 years of age, he became the apprentice of Mr. Keijiro Doi, his father. Following in the footsteps of his grandfather, Mr. Doi was trained in the secrets of his family’s craft, continuously producing excellent knives as a knife smith in the Sakai tradition.

Each knife is made using different techniques, and passes through the hands of various craftsmen such as knife smiths and polishers. In addition to traditional techniques, the passion and training of the craftsmen are embedded into each piece, and each one continues to receive high marks as a superior knife.

-- Sakai's celebrated swords handed down from ancient times SAKAI TAKAYUKI --

Japanese swords have been status symbol from ancient times.The core blade is forged by folding selected steel many times and features supreme sharpness and brilliance;it is has been said that the human soul dwells in the sword.Japanese knifes are actually works of art descended from Japanese swords,and we proudly present them to the world.

The quality of meticulous workmanship represents the pride of masters who create quality knives,and the quality is ensured by traditional skills that have been continuously inherited from their predecessors,Japanese knifes have their own unprecedented shapes and are without parallel in the world as knives created for cutting different foods,including fishes and vegetables,and are vital for delicate Japanese dishes, All of our staff members wish that you would pick up the Sakai Takayuki brand products which maintain the traditional skills of Sakai's Japanese knives and demonstrate hte skill of world-class masters.

-- Craftsman of SAKAI TAKAYUKI--

The title "Meister" or traditional craftsman is authorized by the Minister of International Trade and Industry only to craftsmen who have inherited and improved their skills over a long period of time in the field of Japanese traditional industries and craftwork and have passed strict screening tests. Sakai knives have a 600-year history supported by the excellent skills inherited from generation to generation by Meisters.

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SAKAI TAKAYUKI Japanese Dimple knife Grand Chef SP BOHLER-UDDEHOLM Sweden steel Gyuto, Slicer, Petty, Boning any type

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