Japanese Kutani ware Kimono doll Hina Ningyo King & Queen Ao-kutani , H 9cm

Japanese Kutani ware Kimono doll Hina Ningyo King & Queen Ao-kutani , H 9cm

The posture and color is very beautiful.
Kutani-yaki(ware) is one of the best-known Japanese traditional potteries.

This dolls is made by Kazunori kiln who is one of the most famous potter in Kutani.

March 3rd is the day of the Hina Doll Festival in Japan.
This festival is a traditional event held to pray for girls' healthy growth.

Families with girls display a set of hina dolls in their home and make offerings of white sake and hina-arare.

It is believed hina dolls protect girls from bad luck.
There is also an event called Nagashi-bina, in which dolls are floated down rivers to wash away bad luck.

In recent years, sets of miniature hina dolls have become popular because they can be displayed and stored easily.

Many young women living alone have also started to buy hina dolls for themselves.


Ko-Kutani of early stage progressed under the support of the Daishoji clan in 1655.

After the discovery of potter’s clay at amine near kutani village, Saijiro Goto was sent to Arita in Kyushu district to master ceramics and brought back the techniques. Though the Ko-Kutani kilns developed their bold and lovely style,they disappeared suddenly in about 1700.

The cayse of the decline is still unknown.

Then the Kasugayama kiln opend at Kanazawa under the control of Kaga clan about eighty years after the close of the Ko-Kutani kiln.
And here starts the period of Restored Kutani.

A lot of kilns were built such as Mokubei kiln the Yoshida-ya Kiln, developing each special style.

In the Meiji period, Shoza Kutani developed his own style which became popular for it’s painting of Saishiki-kinrande with all styles putting together and the works of his appren-tices were exported to get a high position as Industrial Arts of kutani.

Item Description

Condition brand-new
Width 3.7inch (9.5cm)
Height 3.5inch (9cm)
Material Japanese ceramics
Origin Made in Japan
Note Packaged in a box.

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Japanese Kutani ware Kimono doll Hina Ningyo King & Queen Ao-kutani , H 9cm

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