SAKAI TAKAYUKI Limited Edition Sugihara Handle Ginsan Yasuki silver-3 steel Suminagashi Kiritsuke Sashimi 300mm [SAKAI TAKAYUKI Limited Edition]

SAKAI TAKAYUKI Limited Edition Sugihara Handle Ginsan Yasuki silver-3 steel Suminagashi Kiritsuke Sashimi 300mm

The Long-awaited Limited Edition Model of a Sakai Takayuki Knife is Now on Sale

The hardness (HRC) of the forged blade material Yasuki silver-3 steel is 62.
Yasuki silver-3 steel is a rust-resistant stainless steel material that, just like age-old carbon steel in Japan, can be forged by a blacksmith using a hammer. The production of knives utilizing Yasuki silver-3 steel is also extremely difficult; and because it requires special techniques, there are only a few blacksmiths who can make these knives and the number of knives in the market is very little.

This model was forged by traditional craftsman and blacksmith Shogo Yamatsuka, and its strength was increased to a hardness set at HRC 62.

The attaching of the blade and its Suminagashi-finish were done by traditional craftsman and blade attacher Mitsuo Yamatsuka, and it is a beautiful knife with a supreme sharpness that lasts.

An Elegant, Alluring and Beautiful Sashimi Knife
In addition to its shape that echoes the continuity of a Japanese sword, it is also a beautiful knife with a Suminagashi-finish.

The display of the chef's knife skills in front of customers seated by a Japanese restaurant or sushi restaurant's counter is part of the experience. The ultimate restaurant scene can be choreographed by the chef's techniques and a honed, elegant knife.

Dirt and Rust-resistant, This is an Easy-to-Maintain Knife for a New Age
White-steel and blue-steel which are top-ranking carbon steel are prone to rust, so they must be finely cared for after use.

Because Yasuki silver-3 steel is a type of stainless steel, it is very resistant to rust, and the blade's beautiful pattern can last through easy care.

Moreover, because the blade attacher carefully attaches the blade, its ability to be sharpened on a whetstone is very good; and it is designed to be easily sharpened when it is burnished on a whetstone for its upkeep.

Each supreme Sakai Takayuki knife is carefully crafted by traditional craftsmen.

-- Item detail --
Blade length 300mm, Cutting edged length 283mm, Total length 427mm
Blade width 24mm to 38 mm
Blade thickness 2.5mm to 4.0mm
Weight 279g

-- Material --
*Blade: Ginsan (Yasuki silver 3 steel), single edged for right hand, (corrosion-resistant steel)
*Blade HRC: 62
*Handle: Desert Ironwood (Sugihara Hanlde)
*Bolster: stainless
*Accessory: a wooden saya cover
*Note: As handle is made from natural wood, so it have a tiny scratch

Other Images

  • Desert Ironwood Sugihara handle is hand-made by Mr. Keido Sugihara.

    With an attention to detail in its design and a curved surface that was devised for easy handling, the handle is easy to grip, durable, water-resistant, and has a beautiful grain.
SAKAI TAKAYUKI Limited Edition Sugihara Handle Ginsan Yasuki silver-3 steel Suminagashi Kiritsuke Sashimi 300mm [SAKAI TAKAYUKI Limited Edition]

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