Kyoto Noren SB Japanese batik door curtain En Enso Circle Dark green 85 x 150cm

Kyoto Noren SB Japanese batik door curtain En Enso Circle Dark green 85 x 150cm

-Kyoto’s traditional technique - Roketsuzome - Japanese Batik -
Shobi Studio in Kyoto has been received old traditional technique for Roketsuzome - Japanese Batik.When draw a picture pattern to the fabric, they use special method to not mix the color and make border. It called resist printing.Also Yuzenzome uses rice paste to resist dyeing; Roketsuzome uses wax to resist dyeing. Moreover, the wax is not only prevent the mixing the colors, but also the area those painted wax become dry and crack, and dye goes to into the cracks. The result is very original.
These cracks are never being the same.


The process of making charming Roketsuzome needs more than 20 procedures.
After placing the glue to the pattern of the fabric, coat the wax throughout.
After coating the wax on the fabric, pour the paint into handle parts to be dyed.
Then remove the wax and wash the fabric well and dry naturally.
Then cut the fabric and tailor carefully.


Craftsman of Roketsuzome
Kambayashi Katsumi
Since studio inception in 1963, I have been fascinated to Rouketsuzome and spent my whole life single-mindedly in this line of work. Above all the biggest charm is that gentleness and softness of Roketsuzome. And also would like my customers to know about goodness of hand-painted. I will continue to devote myself as not to forget the effort and pride as a craftsman.


How to care of Roketsuzome Noren
Pour the plenty of lukewarm water into a bigger container and dissolve the neutral detergent that does not contains neither fluorescent agent nor bleach. The amount of detergent is same amount as any other laundry.Please wash separately to prevent color transfer.
Gently press water out of fabric without rubbing (Do not soak for a long time).
Do not squeeze.
Wrap by such as bath towel and dehydrated by washing machine.
While dehydrating in washing machine, if protrude from towel, it could cause of whiten by rubbing.
Smooth out while hanging the laundry out.
Ironing. Cotton and hemp are possible to press by high temperature.


History of Noren - traditional Japanese fabric dividers
In the first place Noren were face of shop with dyed logo or family crest on the fabric.Because of being exposed to the eyes of many people, people in those days kept Noren very carefully. 
The city of Kyoto at that time, there were so many housing that has been called " the bed of eel”. That’s why Noren were essential for this type of housing.This is not only preventing the house visible from the outside. But in winter it's for protecting from cold wind, and in summer it's to generate coolness by Noren’s swinging by the wind. Noren were closely related to people’s lives.
As years went by, we rarely can find Noren at home.Just because of that, fashion and function of the Noren do not mean they are no longer needed. Rather, Noren have atmosphere of calm and a sense of healing, and it would be necessary to our modern life. In addition, Noren would be match with our modern life and bring us sense of warmth.
Because in our modern life it is easy to forget the old tradition, we would like to recommend living with Noren.

Item Description

Condition brand-new
Width 33.46 inch (85 cm)
Height 59.06 inch (150 cm)
Material 100% Cotton
Origin Made in Japan
Note Hand-dyed. One vertical slit cut. Price of a noren, not included bar.
Kyoto Noren SB Japanese batik door curtain En Enso Circle Dark green 85 x 150cm

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