Masahiro Japanese Makiri Deba Fillet knife carbon steel any size

Masahiro Japanese Makiri Deba Fillet knife carbon steel any size

--Features of This item--

*Please select blade size, approx size

40931 Makiri knife 135mm, Blade thickness 3mm, 80g
Total length 250mm, Blade width 26mm, Total length include a saya 275mm, Saya length 212mm, saya width 52 mm

40932 Makiri knife 150mm, Blade thickness 3mm, 90g

-- Material --
*Blade: Masahiro special carbon steel
*Handle: Magnolia wood, round type

-- About Masahiro --
Masahiro is in Seki-shi, Gifu famous for a knife.
The old days are called to Seki-shi with a sword capital, and there is 750 afterlives of tradition by a sword smith. The production of the kitchen knife tells the technology today, and accounts for about 60 % of nationwide at present.

They concentrate on research and development of a processing technology as well as improvement of a raw material, design more sharpness, durability and corrosion resistance, use it, pursue good and come today as a top manufacturer of 70 afterlives and kitchen knife production since foundation.
They who developed the kitchen knife material in conjunction with a steel manufacturer and produced in particular use several kinds of original material and get high evaluation for a long time.

While a division system of work is fixed in town Seki-shi of a knife, I have a grudge to product making excellent in us and am doing most manufacturing processes from quenching of a kitchen knife to the finish in the inside of the company.
Masahiro Japanese Makiri Deba Fillet knife carbon steel any size

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