Kiyomizu Kyoto yaki ware Japanese tea bowl Seiji chawan Matcha Green Tea

The posture and color is very beautiful
Kiyomizu - yaki (ware) is well known as one of the production centers of Japanese pottery.

This tea bowl is made by Hayashi Rinzan (林 林山) who is one the most famous pottery artist in Japan.

This is the Rinzan Kiln, a studio in Sumiyama, Kyoto, headed by Junji Hayashi, its fourth-generation head. Using a potter's wheel, he crafts easy-to-use, quality matcha tea bowls beloved by a lot of people. Their colorful, vivid and unique glazes are part of the bowls' appeal.

--- About Kiyomizu kyoto ware ---
Although this craft dates back to before the Heian period (794-1185), the making of pottery began in earnest when the capital of Heian-kyo (now Kyoto) was founded in 794. Since that time Kyoto has been the home to many famous potters and the birthplace of many fine pieces of work. Famous potters such as Ninsei and Kenzan were at work in the 17th century and then in the 19th century, the potter Eisen successfully fired porcelain, while such masters as Mokubei, Hozen and Ninami were remarkably active during the same century. Great advances were then made from toward the end of the 19th century with the introduction of various techniques from around the world, when German ceramists were invited to come to Kyoto.

The sheer beauty and craftsmanship of some pieces over which so much trouble is taken have a strong traditional feel, while other pieces are invested with a freshness that finds favor in contemporary life. Each piece has its place within the scheme of things and manages to maintain its own unique ambience. The range of pottery and porcelain now made in Kyoto is almost beyond comprehension, but mainly consists of good quality tableware for use at home and in the best Japanese style restaurants. Many pieces are still made for use in association with the tea ceremony.

Item Description

Condition A brand new
Width 4.6inch (11.6cm)
Height 3.0inch (7.5cm)
Weight 240g
Material Japanese ceramics
Origin Made in Japan
Note Japanese Chawan (matcha tea ceremony use) ,Packaged in a box

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Kiyomizu Kyoto yaki ware Japanese tea bowl Seiji chawan Matcha Green Tea

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    A very lovely matcha bowl - beautiful, soft colour
    By Elisabeth CF
    Every time I make myself some matcha tea, I love looking at the soft, delicate green of this bowl. The colour itself brings me peace... I see it as the ideal bowl: not extravagant-looking, perfect size (for me, 200-250ml each time), and -very important- not too heavy! Some matcha bowls look very nice, but they are far too heavy to be practical. Here's quality and simplicity... a pleasure just in itself.
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