SAKAI TAKAYUKI Ginsan Ebony wood handle Japanese knife Silver-3 steel any type Gyuto, Petty, Slicer, Santoku [double edge]

SAKAI TAKAYUKI Ginsan Ebony wood handle Japanese knife Silver-3 steel

This is the knives where silver-3 steel is squeezed into steel and ebony wood as well as an octagonal handle. It is rust-resistant, using the same manufacturing processes as conventional Japanese knives.We recommended Japanese type knife, because which are high grade material and corrosion-resistant steel.
This model was forged by traditional craftsman and blacksmith Shogo Yamatsuka.

-- Item number,Type,Blade length --
*Please select type and blade size *approx

14212 Gyuto 210mm Chef knife, Total length 348mm, Blade width 46mm, Blade thickness 3mm, 204g
14213 Gyuto 240mm Chef knife, Total length 385mm, Blade width 48mm, Blade thickness 2 to 3mm, 240g
14214 Gyuto 270mm Chef knife, Total length 420mm, Blade width 50mm, Blade thickness 3.2mm, 312g
14215 Gyuto 300mm Chef knife, Total length 463mm, Blade width 52mm, Blade thickness 2 to 3.2mm, Cutting edged length 289mm, 360g

14223 Sujihiki 240mm Slicer, TL 376mm, BW 32mm, Blade thickness 1 to 2.2mm, Weight 143g
14224 Sujihiki 270mm Slicer, TL 410mm, BW 36mm Weight 180g

14204 Petty 150mm, Total length 292mm, cutting edged length 150mm, blade width 30mm, blade thickness 1 to 2.5mm, 96g
14205 Petty 180mm, cutting edged length 180mm

14261 Santoku knife 180mm, Total length 313mm, Blade width 45mm, Blade thickness 2mm, 168g

-- Material --
Blade: Yasuki Silver-3 steel Ginsan
(corrosion-resistant steel, double edge)

Handle: Ebony wood (octagon)
Bolster: water buffalo / colors varies

*Size note: include the length from the machi to the tip of the blade.
*Carved name note: hand carved or laser carved varies
If item is not in stock, making time is 30 to 60 days. Please feel free to inquire about stock.

SAKAI TAKAYUKI Ginsan Ebony wood handle Japanese knife Silver-3 steel any type Gyuto, Petty, Slicer, Santoku [double edge]

selling price: US$350.00 - US$767.00

Prices vary according to options.



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