Arita porcelain Japanese tea cups tatsusa red Shinemon kiln 170ml

Arita porcelain Japanese tea cups tatsusa red Shinemon kiln 170ml     

The posture and color is very beautiful 
Arita - yaki (ware) is well known as one of the production centers of Japanese pottery.

This sake set is made by Shinemon kiln who is one of the most famous potter kiln.

-- About Arita porcelain --


Arita ware is the pottery and ceramics general term baked around Saga-ken Arita-machi.

It's hard and strong that the vivid color is given by white porcelain with feeling of the transparency to indigo blue, red, yellow and gold color delicately and the feature. It was a trigger that the Korean potter who has that first in the Edo Period found "Touseki" who becomes a pottery and ceramics raw material at Arita, and first pottery and ceramics started to be calcined in country.

 Arita's pottery and ceramics started to be also shipped to the foreign countries where Europe as well as the country were made the center much from the second half in the 17th century to the second half in the 18th century.Because a load was formed into the jealous thing made with Arita from the Imari harbor which is the closest harbor because Arita had no seas, "Arita ware", you come to be called "Imari ware" and know the name.

We call the pottery and ceramics produced around Arita "Arita ware" by present and am loved by a fan as much as much baking.


Item Description

Condition a brand-new
Diameter 3.3 inch (8.5 cm)
Height 2.2 inch (5.5 cm)
Capacity 170ml
Material Japanese ceramics
Origin Made in Japan
Note Price is include two cups.
Arita porcelain Japanese tea cups tatsusa red Shinemon kiln 170ml

selling price: US$125.00


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