Electric charcoal heater Japanese tea ceremony Hakoburo wood box

Electric charcoal heater Japanese tea ceremony Hakoburo wood box

This is called "benibachi furo " which is used to heat up Iron kettle (Tetubin and Tetukama) for Japanese tea ceremony use.
It has switch, you can select low(200W) and high (500W).

*The electrically heated part shaped like charcoal has a beautiful design.
*The utilization of far-infrared rays allows for exceptional thermal efficiency.
Electric charcoal is eco-friendly and economical because it utilizes far-infrared radiation that displays exceptional thermal efficiency.
*The heating element is placed inside ceramic so it’s safe even if water is splashed on it.
The heating element is enclosed in ceramic through innovative technology. Even if water is splashed on it, there is no risk of disconnection so it may be used safely.
The heating element is not exposed so there is no danger of electric shock.
*Incense may be burned on the surface of the electric charcoal.

*Condition: brand-new

*Heat system: far-infrared heating

*Size: Diameter 230mm High 125mm approx.size

*Material: Box: wood, Gotoku: cast iron, other: resin

*Plug type: A, Power: 100V/ 500W

Accessories: power select switch

*Origin: Made in Japan

*Note: tea ceremony use

*Note: Many electric appliances sold in Japan are made to accommodate the country's customs and climate.Please check your electrical outlet.Please use an exchange plug or transformer, If necessary.

*If you want "Power supply 220V", I can make change to manufacture, please let me know.
The 220V type has not select switch, so it is only 500W.

[The United States]
Power supply: AC120V, 60 Hz
plug type :A

Power supply: AC120-240V, 60 Hz
plug type :A

Power supply: AC220-240V, 50-60 Hz
plug type: O

[Japan] *this item
Power supply: AC100V, 50-60 Hz
plug type :A

Other Images

  • 220V type dose not have a white bamboo pattern.
    use for Ura and Omote senke
  • The pattern on the side of 220V is different.
Electric charcoal heater Japanese tea ceremony Hakoburo wood box

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