Japanese Tojiro Aogami High class steel Knife kasumi nagashi Takohiki sashimi

Japanese Tojiro Aogami High class steel Knife kasumi nagashi Takohiki sashimi

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F-1010 Takohiki knife 240mm ( 9.4inch) 380mm (15.0inch) 100g
F-1011 Takohiki Knife 270mm (10.6inch) 415mm (16.3nch) 115g
F-1012 Takohiki Knife 300mm (11.8inch) 450mm (17.7inch) 145g
F-1013 Takohik Knife 330mm (13inch) 490mm (19.3inch) 180g

How many layers is Aogami steel steel in the steel material highest peak also piled up on with soft iron in heartwood, this, a hammered gem of paradise of a total kitchen knife.
Completion in accordance with a Japanese sword and the sharpness.

The material
Blade body: Aogami High class steel and soft iron
The handle: wood and horn of water buffalo *High class handle
Made in Japan.

The last sword blade structure I reached from pursuit of the thorough sharpness. It's a sword blade of sharpness emphasis for the super-professional who isn't convincing and everybody of a craftsman by the sharpness of the ordinary kitchen knife for business use I have begun to shave straight for the point of a blade from the back of the kitchen knife. 1 piece is handwork and a full-time craftsman has completed 1 including blade of heart and soul completely, and indeed the sharpness of the substantiality which can enjoy a dialogue with the craftsman can be enjoyed.

The size suitable to sell fish at home.

Heartwood is the Aogami steel steel which is the Japanese steel highest peak piled up on and how many layers is the soft iron with the different carbon amount also piled up on, by handwork, this, a hammered total, the series which can also be called the best masterpiece of a kitchen knife. The Aogami steel steel which can excel the sharpness, the toughness and wear resistance is forged by the same technology as a Japanese sword, and it's the material further, close, I improve and achieve the sharpness I don't have so far. An elegant ripple mark is the best look as the kitchen knife which praises the sharpness like a ripple mark of a Japanese sword.

The feature of the Japanese kitchen knife is its sharpness, in functionality, best in the world, it's declared, I have the suitable excellent shape. The spirit of the manufacturing which is without compromise a craftsman has grown in control, grip feeling and everything is reflected by a sword blade and a stem. The square of the natural buffalo preventing including the seal and getting away gradually is used for the pattern so that it's used for a long time. Its Katsura who doesn't have the same color and design as one agrees with a ripple mark of a sword blade excellently.
Japanese Tojiro Aogami High class steel Knife kasumi nagashi Takohiki sashimi

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